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Interviewing & Impromptu Skills

Pageant interviews can make or break your chances of winning. Let's be honest...when was the last time you saw yourself interview in a pageant?  If you're like most people, the answer is never.  And without this true perspective, most young women are not aware how their interviews may be costing them the results they are after.

Media interview skills and techniques are also important for titleholders.  Your job is to promote either the sport of rodeo, agriculture, or both.  The minute you win a pageant, you become a Public Relations figure that the media will interview.  Giving GREAT interviews is a benefit to your organization, and will ensure that you get more interview requests.  In addition, these skills can open numerous doors for you after your queening days are over.  Below I have shared a great example of this.


  • Five online video coaching sessions

  • One PERSONAL video call at the end of the five sessions to review a recorded mock interview and receive feedback

  • Discussions include:

    • The difference between personality, horsemanship and media interviews

    • How to develop solid content

    • Utilizing vocal inflections to engage your audience

    • Appropriate use of hands and/or movement

    • Understanding the different types of media interviews (on location, studio, etc.)

    • Preparing media pre-interview information

    • Learning how to redirect

    • Creating soundbites

Below is a great example of how one of my coaching clients parlayed these skills into great opportunities.


Hannah Leib
Miss Rodeo Washington, 2018
1st Runner-up, Miss Rodeo America 2019

Hannah utilized the media skills learned through Queens In Jeans
to become the Media/Marketing Director
for the Texas ProRodeo Circuit.

In addition, she become the spokesperson for the
The Foundation for Western Professionals.
She worked with a professional video crew to create promotional videos for the organization.

Behind the Scenes

Finished Videos

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