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Public Speaking
Pageant Speech Prep

According to multiple studies, public speaking often ranks in the top three fears for most people.

And when it comes to pageants, most young women will often tell you it is the area they worry most about when preparing for their competitions.

As a 20+ year International speaker and corporate trainer, I have been blessed to present to audiences of all sizes in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.  I absolutely love helping young women gain confidence and skills in the public speaking arena.

Below are just a few of the many clients I have worked with, who have won speech awards at their pageants, as well as a few videos of those speeches.

ONLINE GROUP WORKSHOP -- $150 per person

Once I have five people registered, I will reach out to find out what dates/times work best and then schedule the workshop.

  • FIVE online video coaching sessions ($30/Session) -- one session per week

  • One free PERSONAL video call at the end of the five sessions for personal feedback

  • There WILL be advance and session homework.  If you aren't serious about doing the homework, this workshop is not for you!

  • Video reviews of different types of speeches

  • Discussions include:

    • Different types of speeches/presentations​

    • The five P's of public speaking

    • How to develop solid content

    • Openers & Closers

    • Hooks

    • Appropriate use of hands and/or movement

    • Utilizing vocal inflections to engage your audience

    • How to engage the audience

    • Delivery styles/techniques

  • Final review of one speech

05-23-2021 EVA GASCHLER 3715.jpg

Eva Gaschler
Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas, 2022
Speech Winner
-- Prepared Speech

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 3.20.08 PM.png

Martina Holtkamp
2022 Speech Winner
Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant
-- Prepared Speech

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 3.26.03 PM.png

Naomi Akkermans
2021 Speech Winner
Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant
-- Prepared Speech


Bailey Nachtigal
Miss Rodeo Washington, 2023
Speech Winner
-- Extemporaneous Speech


Rebecca Thornton
Speech Winner
Miss CPRA Pageant, 2022
-- Prepared Spech


Amber Cook
2022 Speech Winner
Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant


Hannah Leib
1st Runner Up - MRA
Miss Rodeo Washington, 2018
Speech Winner
-- Extemporaneous Speech

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