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Runway Modeling

Ten-Session Plan --  $350 ($35/Session Rate)

When it comes to the topic of fashion show or runway modeling, it's important to first understand that there are a plethora of different opinions on how this should be done in pageants - especially rodeo queen pageants.  Professionally speaking, a runway model's job is to showcase the garments.  Combine that with a pageant fashion show, your job is to showcase your garment AND show confidence and personality from the runway!

As a former regional plus size runway and print model, the owner of The Professional Edge (a modeling school and agency), and the two-term President of the American Modeling Association, I will educate you on the differences between professional runway modeling, beauty pageant modeling, and rodeo queen modeling.  
10-Session Coaching Plan includes:

  • Confidence on the runway

  • Core fundamentals of always being safe and in control on the runway

  • The importance of proper body posture

  • Basic walk and proper use of hands

  • Spotting

  • Turns (half turn, 3/4 turn, full turn, one-and a half turn, half-one and a half turn

  • and MORE...

Below are just a few videos of my personal coaching clients as they modeled their personal garment at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant fashion show. 

Shelby (Champman) Adams
Miss Rodeo Iowa, 2016
3rd Runner-Up - Miss Rodeo America
-- Miss Rodeo America Fashion Show --


Samantha Sansevere
Miss Rodeo Minnesota, 2021
-- Miss Rodeo America Fashion Show --


Miss Rodeo America Pageant Fashion Show, 2018


Ivy Weirather
Miss Rodeo Illinois 


Jenna (Kool) Brinlee
Miss Rodeo Iowa


Carly Peercy
Miss Rodeo Utah


Morgan Wallace
Miss Rodeo Wyoming

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