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Image Development Group
To assist Equine and Rodeo Queen competitors in gaining the confidence, knowledge and insight needed to successfully achieve their pageant competition goals. 
We specialize in providing training in the areas required to compete in the Personality and Appearance pageant divisions.  Specifically building self-esteem and self-confidence, emotional intelligence, skin care, cosmetic application, wardrobing, photogenics, modeling, speech, interviews, impromptu questions, media interviews, and the psychology of winning. 
It is not our goal to produce a winner every time. 
Some win, some won't, so what...did they grow?  THAT is our goal!

Debra Fox, Founder and President of Image Development Group, has been coaching and mentoring rodeo queen contestants since 1981 when she gave up her title as Miss Rodeo Kansas, 1980. She partnered with Teddi (Bankes) Domann, Miss Rodeo Kansas 1984 and Speech winner at Miss Rodeo America, to create The Competitive Edge -- an equine pageant coaching organization.

Over the next two years, Debra and Teddi would successfully coach FOUR clients to win NATIONAL titles in the equine industry, and COUNTLESS clients to win state and regional titles as well.

That isn't where Debra's experience stops. She went to work as the Model Scout for a major mid-west modeling agency, became a highly sought-after regional plus-size print and runway model, and eventually founded The Professional Edge Model & Talent Agency. Within two years, she was voted by her peers to serve two consecutive terms as the President of the American Modeling Association.

After selling her model/talent agency, Debra began working as a skin care expert with Arbonne International and soon promoted to an Executive Regional Vice President level. She trained nationwide on skin care, cosmetics and business.

Today, Debra is a National and International motivational speaker and trainer. She has provided training for a wide variety of clients including: Universal Studios/Orlando; DEA/Washington, DC; Family Dollar/Charlotte, NC; McDonalds Corporate/PA; SkillPath Seminars; National Seminars; numerous universities; and all branches of the military (just to name a few).

In 2008, Debra ventured back into the rodeo queen world and has again coached several young women to their titles. Not only did the girls win their pageants, they won all the categories that she coached them for as well.

In 2013, Debra created the Queens In Jeans Facebook page to provide complimentary information, training, videos and interviews with key players in the equine queen industry.